OEM Consumable Parts Plastic Mould

1. Material: 718h,S136,H13,NAK80,2344 and so on
2. Size: OEM is welcome
3. Certificate: ISO9001:2015

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Product Details

1. Company Introduction

With advanced precision mould technology, we have the professional moldflow analysis, CAD-aided design, product’s design and mould tooling manufacturing with more than 20 years of practical experience. The equipment have CNC machining centers, mirror EDM, Slow wire cutting, milling, drilling and all full-mold finishing equipment, also we have ARBURG, TOSHIBA,SODICK TMC,250T-2K injection machine and other 19 sets of precision injection mold machines.


2. Product Processing



3d Design/Samples for quotation

According to 3D drawing or samples for quotation.


Including the price of moulds, moulds sizes, material for cores & cavities, weight of product, part cost, payment, moulds lifetime, delivery, etc

Making mold(moulds)

Confirm drawing, start to do DFM, moldflows and mold detail agreed with the customer, start production.

Production schedule

Every week we will feedback to the customer a mold progress (picture).

sample shoot

We provide the moulds test samples for confirmation(about 10-15 piece), then, get your signature sample ,mass production


Wooden case for moulds, cartons for parts, or as your requirement.

3 . Product specification

General materials: ABS, PC, PP, PS, PMMA, HIPS, POM, PC/ABS, glass fiber, nylon, etc.

Product samples: pre-production sample making, mass production after qualified samples. The customer can inform our company to modify the mold according to the sample, and the mold repair fee is not charged (except for extensive modification).

Lead time: according to product quantity, complexity (i.e. multiple processes) and schedule, the general production cycle is 3-4 weeks

Product standard: according to the sample or customer's requirement.

Production method: injection molding or polyethylene molding

Product packaging: PP bag separated pearl cotton carton packaging.

Injection molding unit price: the estimated unit price of the product. Please provide the estimated quantity, weight, material or physical object of the product

Trade Terms For Products




T/T, L/C 30% deposits, before the ship to pay the balance end.
Freight are quote under your request


XIAMEN, China (mainland)


Within 25-35days after confirmed the purchase order
Discounts are offered depend on quantities

4 . FAQ

One: You have had the product design (2D/3D drawing)

1, Tell me your mould requirements:
A, cavity(if not sure, tell me your Estimated Annual usage, our designers could suggest appropriate cavity );
B, mould life (choose suitable mould material based on it);
C, product material ;
D, mould making time (in general, mould making time is 20~45 working days, if rush order, inform me, please)
2, Quotation: according to your requirements, I will send you a quotation list in 1~2 workdays
3, Feedback: Give me your feedback without delay, please! We are deeply grateful.
4, Continue Cooperation: According to final design drawing, design mould drawing, and arrange production.

Two: You don’t have the product design
1, Please contact and inform me if you would like to send a product sample.
According to sample, design product and mould drawing, and arrange production.

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